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This documentation describes the MaxDB JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes.


This documentation does not describe the Sun Java platform. You can find information on Java at java.sun.com.

You can use the MaxDB JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes to integrate MaxDB database instances in Java applications. The MaxDB JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes can be used on all Structure linkoperating systems supported by the database system.


The MaxDB JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes are contained in the software component JDBC (see Installation Manual, Structure linkSoftware Components). You can find more information on where to obtain the MaxDB software in the section Structure linkDownload.

You install the software component JDBC on the computer which has the Java application on it. After installation, you can find the JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes in the sapdbc.jar file in the <independent_program_path>\runtime\jar\ directory.


C:\Program Files\sdb\programs\runtime\jar\sapdbc.jar

To use this documentation effectively, you require a thorough working knowledge of the Java programming language and the JDBC specification (see java.sun.com/products/jdbc).

For more information about the database system, see Structure linkConcepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Structure linkGlossary.


You require a Java platform (see java.sun.com). You add the path for the sapdbc.jar to the CLASSPATH environment tables so that the Java platform can find the MaxDB JDBC driver and the MaxDB Java classes.


MaxDB Java Classes



Java Classes

JDBC Driver

Executing SQL statements




Database Manager Java Classes

Managing database instances (executing DBM commands)



Loader Java Classes

Importing and exporting data (executing Loader commands and SQL statements)



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