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This documentation specifies the Backint interface for MaxDB that can be used to connect external backup tools to the MaxDB Database Manager Structure linkdatabase tool.

Implementation Considerations

You can download the MaxDB software from the MaxDB website (see Structure linkDownload and Structure linkInstallation Profile). The MaxDB software includes a special implementation of the Backint for MaxDB specification. This special implementation allows you to connect external backup tools with a Backint for Oracle interface to Database Manager (see Structure linkConnecting to a Backint for Oracle Interface).

For more information on the database system, see Structure linkDatabase System Concepts and Structure linkGlossary.


Each implementation of a Bankint for MaxDB interface must include the following functions:

        Backup Function

        Restore Function

        Inquire Function

        Delete Function

The Backint for MaxDB program definition  describes the formal requirements that must be met in order to implement Backint for MaxDB.


Supported Operating Systems and Platforms in Database Version 7.4

Supported Operating Systems and Platforms in Database Version 7.3


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