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The MaxDB PHP extension enables you to access MaxDB database instances with PHP. The MaxDB PHP extension is an interface between PHP and the MaxDB SQLDBC interface.

Implementation Considerations

The programming interface can be used on Linux (32 bit), Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows XP. You need PHP version 4.3.6 or higher.

The MaxDB PHP extension is not part of the MaxDB standard installation package. You can download the MaxDB PHP extension from the PECL Repository for PHP enhancements, see pecl.php.net.

The documentation for the MaxDB PHP extension can be found at www.php.net/manual/en/ref.maxdb.php.

For more information about the database system, see Structure linkConcepts of the Database System.  For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Structure linkGlossary.


The MaxDB PHP extension provides the following functions, among others:

     Opening database sessions

     Accessing data in the database instance using SQL statements

See also:

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