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You can use the SQLCLI Structure linkdatabase tool to enter and execute SQL statements, execute database procedures and query information about the database instance. You can use SQLCLI interactively or import commands from a file and execute them in the background.

SQLCLI is a command row tool and can be used for all Structure linkoperating systems supported by the database system. You can access database instances on your local computer and on remote computers.


The database tools SQL Studio and Web SQL Studio provide similar functions to SQLCLI but have a different user interface.

Implementation Considerations

The SQLCLI is a component of the MaxDB software. See the Structure linkDownloadsection and the Structure linkInstallation Manual for information on where to find the MaxDB software and how to install it.

For more information about the database system, see Structure linkConcepts of the Database System. For quick access to all documentation and an explanation of the most important terms, use the alphabetical Structure linkGlossary.


Executing SQL Statements

Executing Database Procedures

Requesting Information About the Database Catalog

Executing Shell Commands

The executing commands section contains a description of the command syntax and the options available to you as you work with the SQLCLI.

See also:

Overview of the Call Options

Overview of the SQLCLI Commands

Glossary, Structure linkSyntax Notation


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